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Our plot covers almost 10,000 m2, where 5,000 m2 is delineated for our animal pasture and currently consists of deer, alpacas and chickens.

And do you know why?


Deer have been seen as luxury animals for over 1000 years. For centuries, deer and peacocks on an estate were a sign of wealth, something for kings and dukes and rich people. Because you do not hunt in your garden, so those animals are mainly in front of you, but you have to feed them and take care of them.


Expensive beasts actually. Of course, deer and peacocks were eaten but normally it was just for the “beautiful” and “chic” if you had them in the garden and that has not really changed over the centuries, so even now some people keep these animals. Let’s face it, deers are beautiful and elegant animals. Besides the deer we have expanded the “herd” with a couple of young alpacas.


Our animal pasture is made completely new and maintenance-friendly in 2017. These beautiful, quiet and elegant animals keep the grass nice and short and that is also the reason that we have them. In addition, we like “different than usual” and therefore some things are different, with love for perfection …